we're glad you're here.

Welcome home.

God has called our church to be a family oriented church, teaching people to walk by faith and live in victory. Part of our vision is to minister to the entire family and enable each person to find his or her place in the local body of Christ.

I want to personally thank you for investing your time with us today. No matter where you are or what condition you are in now; I believe the best is yet to come.

I hope you’ll come visit us in person or reach out to us from where you are. If you’re looking for a church home, then welcome home.

In Christ,

Pastor Trent Owens

New Visitor FAQs

What are your weekend services like?
You will find a relaxed and friendly atmosphere with exciting and fresh worship music. There is a large auditorium screen that displays the Bible verses that will help you make the most of the practical and relevant message. The pastor speaking will either appear on stage in person or through video message. Children are cared for in loving, quality classes, and fun-filled services.
What can I expect for my first time?
If you are visiting, we will not embarrass you, make you stand up, or require you to give money. We know that many people want to check out the church and “be anonymous” for a while — and that’s fine with us! Come in, enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, and see if Palmetto Community Church is for you.
How early should I arrive for services?
Be sure to give yourself time for parking and getting to the sanctuary, which should take about 5 minutes. If you are going to drop your kids off at class, we recommend that you arrive 15 to 20 minutes before the start of the main service.
What can I wear to services?
At Palmetto Community Church, we want you come as you are! Our services are for you, and are focused on Jesus, not on what you're wearing. Dress however you are comfortable.
Can I bring my children with me?

At Palmetto Community Church, your children are a top priority. Our facilities are clean, safe, and staffed with loving workers who have passed complete background checks. We offer a dynamic children’s ministry at every service. In addition to our weekend services, we offer a life-changing ministry to students from junior high through high school.

Where do I take my children during service times?
Palmetto Community Church offers great programs for people of all ages, including your kids! Feel free to have your kids worship with you in the main service, but also consider dropping them off at class so that they can enjoy a message just for them, time with other kids their age, and fun activities!


Oh so good for the soul.


Leaders help people develop into the Christ-followers God wants them to be. Our leaders care about each person in their own walk with Christ, and help ensure that they have access to all the support, training, guidance, and education they need.


Sunday Service

8:30 AM + 10:30 AM

Sunday Service Livestream

10:30 AM

Wednesday Service and Livestream

7:00 PM







1965 Bees Ferry Rd,
Charleston, SC 29414